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The Most Common Sign Materials

The most basic part of any sign is the material it's made out of. This choice is can make your sign and its content look great right out of the box or not so great.

Five years down the road with the right material your sign can look like brand new or ready for the garbage heap.

Some materials are intended for long term life and some are short term.

It's all a matter of what you're looking for in terms of longtivity and budget.

Plastic & Acrylic Products for Signs

SignFoam...High Density Urethane

WARRANTY - HDU Sign Foam unfinished is warranted for 10 years, indoor or out, against deterioration, warping, and cracking. It is 100% waterproof, unaffected by temperature and will not rot or decompose. High Density Urethane material is preferable on most projects, and is a must on outdoor sign projects. For more information, please visit

SignFoam for Custom Signs Columbus OHADVANTAGES
SignFoam will not warp, crack, or bow like solid wood when exposed to the elements
-Lighter that wood, which might be a consideration for a suspended sign.
-HDU Sign Foam can be seamlessly laminated together to create any size shape or form.

-HDU Sign Foam is slightly flexible, which might cause problems on long, narrow signs.
-If a dimensional sign is going between posts you'll need a laminate a backing board for
-More expensive than most other dimensional products

PVC or Sintra

PVC signs Columbus OH

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) signs are a popular choice for all kinds of signage. PVC signs can provide you with a professional looking smooth, satin finish that virtually eliminates reflection and glare.

-PVC signs are also waterproof, durable and easy to mount
using screws, double sided tape, adhesive or our blind
fastener system.
-Easy to care for and completely waterproof
Easy to rout and shape to form virtually any shape, size
and paint in any color
Properly mounted is perfect for indoors or outdoor use

-must be properly attached as it may warp in sunlight
-for outdoor use between posts may need to be reinforced

Aluminum Products for Signs

A major concern about using wood as  a sign componen in your custom sign is woods tendency to swell up, splinter and rot. Many ot the outdoor signs SIGNARAMA Worthingotn makes use metal materials, specifically aluminum products including aluminum sign blanks, AlumaCore and Dibond as their key components. 

Aluminum Sign Blanks

While lots of internet companies use .030 aluminum and can be bent by a 12 year old almost every blank we sell is on .080 aluminum which is what municipal stop signs and street signs are typically made out of.

-Lightweight, strong and can be extremely durable
-Three standard thicknesses--.030, .060, .080
-Hold up well in any weather and over long periods of time
-Variety of sizes, colors and shapes
-Can custom paint or add infinite variety of vinyl products for message


Think in terms of cardboard made out of thin aluminum sheets and plastic corrigation in the middle.

AlumaCore is a strong, lightweight composite sign panel with a high density cAlumaCore signs Columbus Ohioorrugated plastic core. AlumaCore has two factory painted aluminum sheets bonded to both sides of  the corrugated plastic core. Thus the plastic core is sandwiched between the aluminum sheets like cardboard.

It' the corrugated core that gives AlumaCore its strength and rigidity. Available in .5" and .25" thickness it can be put flat on a wall or suspended between two posts.

-Lightweight, strong and can be extremely durable                  
standard thincknesses .25" and extra heavy duty .5"
-Available in several standard colors and easily custom painted
-Rustproof and will not rot
-Handles extreme temperatures and rain/snow very well
-Can be capped with white or black capping for professional presentation



Diebond is made of both aluminum and a plastic sign filler. Two factory painted aluminum sheets are sandwiched and bonded to a high density plastic core. icipal stop signs and street signs are typically made out of.

Available in brushed aluminum and gold finishes and easy to routed to accent any kind of sign.

ADVANTAGES                                                          Dibond Signs Columbus Ohio                  
ghtweight, stronger than .040 aluminum                  
Approximately 32lbs for a 4' x 8' sheet
rustproof, waterproof and rot proof
-One or two sided
-Handles extremes temperatures and rain to snow precipitation very well
-Available in 1/8" or
1/4" extra strong

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