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Frequently Asked Questions
Wrap, Car Window Stickers or
Auto Graphics?

What follows is our car wrap Frequently Asked Questions section. If you don't see the information you need give us a call or drop a line. We'll get back to you right away.

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Vinyl Graphics for my car?
Auto Graphics
Yes We Do!!! All kinds of names...for all kinds of vehicles

 Vehicle Graphics Columbus OH

 Vehicle Wrap for Ohio Department of Tourism

Auto graphics Columbus OH

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What is a vinyl wrap or car/vehicle wrap?
Rather than paint your vehicle (which is both permanent and expensive!) we create a design using full 
color pictures and illustrations in a graphics design program.

This design is then printed on our 63" wide $30,000
  printer and  becomes 
a full color, photo quality print.

It's printed on a special adhesive
  backed vinyl 
and laminated for protection from minor scratches.

At this stage consider the prints as giant overgrown " auto decals"

Your auto graphics are then profesionally applied directly to your vehicle. Your graphics wind up looking just like paint job only better.

 Vinyl Vehicle Lettering Seen Bill Around Town?

Vinyl Wrap Columbus OH

  Why Signarama Worthington?
  We're experts and have done 1000's of car signs, vehicle graphics,
car window stickers, auto graphics and car wraps & custom graphics
  We do all the work ourselves-not printers in Georgia and installers from New York

We're not an e-mail address and toll free number-

We're not the company's agents here in Columbus working out of a virtual office with contract printers and installers.

We're in Worthington, minutes off of I-71 at the Dublin-Granville Road exit and about 15 minutes from downtown Columbus, Ohio.


We use the best materials and print with mild solvent inks at high resolutions for a high end look that will last a long time









Come in, meet the owner, talk to the staff and look over our facilities. 70% of our business has been  repeat and referral.

Can you wrap my 4 door 2007 Honda Pilot?"
 Yes. We can wrap about anything! Cars, pick-ups, vans, trucks, RV's, a bus, your fleet, trailers, boats, windows, jet skies, walls, trade show booths, water coolers, even elevator doors. (Talk about a captive audience!)  

Can you do my car wrap in a CAMO pattern?    
You bet we can! Lots of camo warp looks are available for your truck, boat, RV or ATV. A number of patterns are available.

 Trailer Wrap Westerville Central Band Boosters  Vinyl Wraps Columbus OH Full Color Trailer graphics 

What about Magnetic Car Signs?
A magnetic car sign can be an alternative to vinyl lettering or wraps. Using full color prints or vinyl lettering they can easily be put on and removed as needed. We can do just about any size or shape you need.

How do you do Full Color Car Window Decals?
Full color and full coverage Car Window Decals can be done using a perforated vinyl that has Car Graphics Columbus approximately 50% of the surface drilled out in a series of little holes. Looking from the outside you see the full color image.
Inside the car looking out your back window you can see everything you normally would without any problems.

Can you help with the design?
Yes, our design team will meet with you to discuss your design. We can use your company logos, tag lines, product pictures and design to your specifications and desires.

We'll review our design with you, rework it for any revisions and get your approval then off to the printer.

Need to Find Out How Much it is to Wrap My Ride!
Fill out the basics below, get us the basics and we'll be in touch and get you a price to wrap your wheels.

How long does this process take?
Typically we'll need your vehicle one or two days to do your installation

The whole process including a meeting, the design stage and proof approval process then printing your graphics will take a bit more time. We can get it done in a matter of one week or less in a rush.

How long will my vinyl wrap last?          
Your vinyl wrap can easily last three to five years. There will be some fading after five years but 3M and Avery digital graphics are the longest lasting products out there and if you can stand a faded image can stay on upwards of eight years.

Your car window graphics or car window decals on perforated materials are generally one year from the manufacturer.

Conventional vinyl graphics are all premium cast vinyl. They hold up longer, are more colorfast and last upwards of twice as long with 7-9 manufacturers guarantees. 

Do your car decals damage my paint?
No, it will not damage OEM paint and in fact will protect the paint from minor scratches, wear and tear.

You can take an older truck or van and cover up years of wear and tear with your graphics. We like to say: "You can turn your beater into a HEATER!" with a great wrap. 

What if my company information changes later?   
No problem-logos, tag lines, addresses, phone numbers and more can be reprinted and a auto decal (aka "car sticker") can be overlayed on your wrap.

Can you remove the wrap/graphics later?
Yes and it's recommended we do it. We've got the tools and experience to do it right.

How do I care for the wrap?
Brushless car washes are ok. Don't use power washes as they can lift the edges of the print. We can sell you several vehicle wrap car care products if you'd like. Otherwise, mild detergent and rags work great. 

Car Wraps, Vehicle Wraps, Truck Lettering

Depends on a number of factors (1) How big is the vehicle? (2) Full truck wrap, partial vehicle wrap, car decals and custom vinyl graphics? (3) Our design or yours? (4) What type of vehicle? Does it have many/any windows--molding-lots of compound curves etc. See Wrap Quick Quote for more information about prices.

In general prices range from about $1200 for a small car to $3200 for a full size van.

Vinyl Vehicle Graphics

What about financing?
With good credit we can get leasing. Better yet...when lining up your financing for the lease/purchase of the vehicle have see us first, get a quote and HAVE YOUR BANK OR LEASING COMPANY BUILD IN THE COST OF THE WRAP!

Cost of money is about $250/month for $10,000 worth of product. So  a $3500 wrap job will cost about $90.00/month for a five year lease (a true lease) and $1.00 buyout.
Do you do free quotes?
Yes we do! Fill out the form below or give us a call at 614.841.1255.

Vehicle Graphics Pay Back! NOT Pay Out!!!

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