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Outdoor Signs for Your Columbus Ohio Business


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A great looking sign can lead to big results. Your outdoor signs, including channel letters, monument signs, 3D signs, post and panel signs and more are what lead the way to getting customers into your business. The Better Business Bureau and many independent studies have listed big benefits from a revamped and improved outdoor sign programs.

Whether you're a new business or have been around for a while  proper outdoor signage, up to date and attractive, is an important part of your communications and can be essential to your continued growth.

Large or small, public or private, consumer or B2B, your outdoor signs are a good way to keep a fresh and updated image that will keep clients coming back and new ones coming in.

Your sign and your logo are often your first chance to "talk" to your potential customers. You need them to look their best. If your outdoor sign is faded, worn, out of date or too small it's sending the wrong message. Or, it's not being seen.

We'll get you a sign that looks great right out of the box and one that will look great years down the road. Your outdoor signs should be an investment in quality. Not just an afterthought or something where you're worried about saving a nickle only to wind up pound foolish.

What Kind of Outdoor Sign Do You Need?

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At Signarama Worthington we can provide almost any kind of outdoor sign a small, medium larger business would need. For your small or mid sized company like to think we're just the right size for you. Are you looking for a Columbus sign company? We can help!

Are youu looking for....

Channel Letters
Lit C
abinet Signs
Sign face replacements
Box Signs

Building Signs
Monument Signs
Sandblasted Signs
Routed Signs

Changable Copy Signs
A Frame Signs/Sandwich Boards
Window Graphics
Banners and Banner Holders

Electronic Message Centers
Neon Signs
Directional Signs
Building Signs and Letters
Painted Signs
Banner Holders
Pole Signs
Wood Signs
Aluminum Signs
Construction Signs
Real Estate Signs

Get Your Outdoor Signs Up to Speed

If your outdoor signage isn't getting the job done, maybe it's old, faded, or warped and boring you're sending the wrong message and losing business. It's time to give the sign experts at Signarama Worthington a call and let's meet up and see what we can do to bring your sign up to snuff. We can work with your budget and your vision. We can re-skin your existing sign or blow the whole thing up and start from scratch.

We'll be glad to visit your business and review your sign needs. We'll strive to meet your timeline and your budget.

You'll get a written quote outlining what you'll get and what's included.

You'll get a written proof showing you exactly what you're going to get.

You'll get a team of sign professionals that take a lot of pride in their work working hard to get you the sign that's going to send the right message. One that will direct or attract, inform and sell. One you'll be happy with.

Permit Help

Permits and licenses are a real pain in the rumpster! That said, it's got to be done. Sign codes are something that has to be dealt with and most all the time you need a professional to deal with it. Sometimes (ugly truth be told!) even the professionals are a bit perplexed by it. While it's all written down it's not written in stone. There's interpretation and review boards all can make the difference between getting the sign or getting turned down.

It's a pain but it's what we do. We always kind of chuckle at the internet sites selling big signs to the unknowing and unaware. Talk about the potential to buy a real lemon!

In the city of Columbus your permit and the type and size of your sign is determined in part by the following aspects:

size of your building
height of your building
how far back from the "right of way"
zoning for your address
previous variances
are you in an "overlay" district
number of lanes of traffic in road in front of your building
speed limit of the road in front of you
are you on a corner lot
are you in an architectural review board zoned area
who else in your building has a sign(s) and how big are they

Get the's what we do and it's something we often get help with ourselves to make sure we get it right.

Outdoor Signs with Paint That Will Last

Our routed, carved and painted letters and sign faces are painted with an automotive spray system. These acrylic polyurethane paints are used in dealer body shops nation wide to repaint cars and urethane bumpers. This isn't Krylon bought at the local Home Depot. This is high end, quality paint that we've invested in so your signs will look great for years to come.

Typically your sign goes through a three or four step process. Sanding, priming, cleaning and painting-one or two coats as needed. Everything done in our shop.

We offer a Five Year Warranty on all our paint jobs against peeling, cracking or bubbling.


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