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5 Steps to a Great Outdoor Vinyl Banner

Modern vinyl banner printing of color banners and outdoor vinyl banners has come a long way from the old one color, one line days. While solid color vinyl banners still have their place modern digital printers give your outdoor vinyl banner infinite possibilities. Banners can be the size of a pennant to cover a whole office tower. One color to photo quality. Vinyl or cloth and heavy duty enough to last years.

Here are a few factors to consider as you create a design and/or sketch out your ideas.

2. Material Size
3. Fonts & Graphics
4. Contrasting Colors
5. Digital Printing                                                                             Need a quote

Part 1 -- Material

Lightweight, standard and heavyweight are the three primary types of material used for your vinyl outdoor banner.

Lightweight banner material is typically 10 oz material and a poor choice for an outdoor banner unless it's a short term banner. Use it for indoor banners and "one and done" banners like birthday banners,  graduation banners and the like.

98% of the full color banners we do at SIGNARAMA Worthington are on heavy weight 12 or 13 oz scrim banner material. The scrim is the nylon grid that runs through the material like the rebarb used in concrete construction. Properly installed and against a building it will last for years.

Roll it up and reuse it again next year. Peel off this years prices and change them for next year. For your event peel off this years dates and bring it in next year and get new dates added.

Anything over 15 ounces could be used for extreme uses and weather. Cases where installation is very expensive like high on an office tower and reworking the banner is an expensive proposition.

2. Banner Size

Too big an outdoor vinyl banner can be just as bad as too small. Make it too big and it's hard to install it in with a neat and professional look. Too small and it can't be read from a distance and it just looks a peanut on an elephant's butt!

General rule of thumb on all the charts we have is 1" of letter height for every 10' of viewing distance. You also need the same distance between lines so your graphics won't blend together at a distance. The other factor to consider is how fast is traffic going...higher speeds in busy traffic patterns mean another 15-20% in letter size.

For example: Cars passing 100' away, a small parking lot in front of your business, need to be 10' high. Busy street and lots of traffic...shoot for 12" tall letters. For a banner 200' off the street 20" letters will work.

Part 3 -- Fonts and Graphics

The fonts you use and the graphics employed are important. With digital vinyl banner printing or conventional vinyl banners you don't mix more than two fonts or letter styles. Too many looks jumbled and hard to read. Graphics should be simple and easy to distinguish for your target market. If you're aiming at people walking by you can do more than if your message is for cars buzzing by at 45 mph.


Here's a better way...1st letter caps...

Avoid All Cap Letters for the Whole Banner ONE or TWO Maybe

Otherwise It is Much More Difficult to Read Than First Letter Caps

This is how headlines are written...use for your banners and your results will improve greatly

Part 4 -- Contrast

Two factors here:

1. Your lettering color and the color of the banner's background.

2. The contrast of the banner itself and the background color it's going to be hung on

Lettering and the Banner

good old black or red on white
yellow on black or black on yellow
maroon/yellow or gold
forest green/white or yellow
aroon/yellow or gold


blue on red
red on black...hard to impossible to see in darker conditions

 Best Color Combinations

When you have these similar colors...dark on dark or light on light you can outline the one letter 
with a contrasting outline to help disability

2. The Banners Contrast at It's Location

Want the banner to pop out? Give it a contrasting color to the background it's going on. Got a red brick building? About the last thing you want is a red will get lost. Lots of tinted glass? Use a white banner to get it to hop out from the building.

Got a red brick background and your corporate branding is red field with lighter graphics. Answer: put a white border around the banner. It frames it and will help get it seen.

These combinations are just some of the many great color that you can use to create that contrast you are looking for. This is not a step that should be taken lightly as it is just about the most important design element.

Why would you place a tan banner against a tan wall in your retail establishment? The banner is lost in a sea of tan, when what you want is for the banner to pop against its background.

Part 5 -- Full Color Digital Graphics

In the good old days, when vinyl banners were the "latest and the greatest" solid color vinyls were all we had. That meant everything is a solid color and logos were shapes adhered to the vinyl banner with no shades or gradients.

Digitally produced outdoor banners have changed all of that. The possibilities are endless. If you can imagine it and describe it to your graphic artist we can get it done. Logos, photos, gradients, fades and more can all be incorporated into your outdoor vinyl banner. Driving down I-71 have you seen the banners hung at Crew Stadium or on 270 at Sawmill Road the banners at Safelite. Those are mesh banners and people in their offices can see thru them and see all the things they'd normally see. How about the Nationwide Insurance spilled paint banner downtown?

We can do your outdoor vinyl banners and full color banners in any size and any amount you might need. Just give us a call for a quote on your next project.

Now you've got the basics...have at it!!!

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