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Car Wrapping and Car Wrap Advertising
Get Pay Back! Not Just Pay Out!

So you're looking in to "car wrapping" and car wrap advertising for your business vehicle.  Car wraps are a relatively new and a "hot" advertising medium for small and medium size business.

People starting out often don't have any idea what car wraps might cost so here goes...

There's 3 FACTORS that go into your wrap                I need a quote!

1. Design Costs                                                                               

Print/Material Costs

3. Installation Costs


 Design Costs

We use both templates plus
pictures & measurements
of your car when we do your design. That way we're sure
everything will fit and there
are no suprises. A design
surprise where we messed up in
design and have to re-do a section
can set you back at least a
day while we reprint and wait for the print to totally dry before
we can laminate.

Design time, depending on
complexity and vehicle
type can run from $150-

Materials Cost

We use 3M ControlTac and Avery SuperCast digital medias
exclusively and matching laminates. They're the longest
lasting, easiest to install prod-
ucts in the business. We've tried
other products and found
installation times can run
twice as long.

We print on a 63" wide eco
solvent ink printer using OEM inks that are color true and fade

Most car wraps average about
275 s.f. of material. Material
costs are about $7.00/s.f. with
total costs of about $1925/vehicle.

Installation Costs

This is the biggest variable. Depending on size and complexity of the vehicle install costs can run from $1.50-$3.25/s.f. Lots of curves like a
Beetle, PT Cruiser or Hummer takes much longer to install than a van or box truck.

A typical 275 s.f. car at
$2.50/s.f. would cost about $700.-900

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Ultimately you can expect to pay anywhere from $1200-$3700 for a full vehicle wrap or car wrap. Just remember that car wrap advertising pays back for many small businesses like no other medium. A full size cargo van for instance will be in the neighborhood of about $3200.

Variables in car wrapping are:

1. Size of your car-typically prices at a sq/ft price
2. Complexity of the vehicle itself- A VW Beetle, PT Cruiser or Chevy HHR all come with a whole lot of complex
  curves. So while smaller vehicles they're technically tougher to wrap and take more time to install
3. Design time
4. Materials used

Smaller cars will generally cost less-starting around $1200.00 Bigger cars start at about $2200.00, full size vans in the $3000 range.  Panel trucks are very flat but come with 100's to 1000's of rivets and may have complex.

The Design Process: in the design process the better an idea of what you want the better your chances of lowering your design bill. We generally don't go for overly busy designs and lots and lots of small details. Who can see them 20 feet away at 35 mph?

If you come in with no idea of what you want the design process will typically cost more. Com to your meeting with an idea of what you want, the message and overall goal and things go smoother.

We can design to your budget. With car wrap advertising a partial wrap on the sides and a back window can be very effective. Spot graphics in full digital color combined with computer cut vinyl letters can work well. Take a look below. Lots of open space but graphics with a white outline that POP! off the vehicle.

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Yukon Wrap for Center Point Church Westerville OH

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