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How to Install Your Vinyl Banner or Color Banner

Before you figure out where to hang your vinyl banner you need to figure out how to hang it. We'll  print  your color banner on 13 oz scrimm vinyl banner material. With finished edges and properly hung they will last a long time. Three years or more is not unusual. A huge storm with high force winds will shorten that but that's to be expected. For long term use we can reinforce the outside edges with nylon strapping or banding at an extra charge. Adding D rings will also add life.    

Our vinyl outdoor banners also come with taped edges, hemmed edges or heat welded edges and grommets usually about every two feet.

Hanging an outdoor color banner isn't all that diffecult. The biggest problem is typically the height you want to hang them on, the landscaping near the building, or the building material you're going to hang them on. Of course if you want to get it way up in the air your ladder won't reach. In that case we offer installation using our bucket truck. Like us...always be careful and think safety first!I need a quote

You can use rope to hang a vinyl banner between two poles. Lot of people use rubber bungee cords as well and they work great. We can add rope across the top and bottom which adds strength and stability.  

Hanging your outdoor vinyl banners and color bannner  is not as difficult as it may seem. There are different applications and  depending on where you are going to be hanging the sign and, if you plan to hang it directly on the building, what the building is constructed with.

You can hang the vinyl banner between two poles with ropes tied through the grommmets. For added strength weave the rope all the way through the grommmets across the length of the top and bottom of the banners. Just before the last grommet tie a knot in the banner so its larger than the hole. This will keep it from sliding around on the banner. This keeps the rope tight and reduce the wrinkles.

To hang banners on a building we'll typically use metal screws and washers. Vary the type of screws with the type of building. Wooden screws for wood siding or trim or self tappers for metal or corrugated buildings. With wood drill a smaller pilot hole then add the screw.

For masonary buildings like brick, block, stucco or concrete you'll need to use a different product. Using a product called a "Tapcon" wil make all the differrence. Again, you need to drill a slightly smaller hole for the Tapcon to go in to. Too big a hole and it won't "bite." Some of the packages you'll get in the store will include a proper sized bit to drill with. Make sure the bit you use is sharp and this will make things easier. Use a Tapcon and washer through each grommet.

If you plan hang it higher use a stronger fastner. Redhead brand concrete bolts provide higher strength and thus safety. For large banners we'd recommend using lag shield andhors. This is a cylinerical sleeve and lag bolt. Pre drill the hole to put the sleeve in. Add the lag bolt. As the bolt is added it expands the sleeve which has ridges and grips into the masonary. While the bolts are typically easily removed the shields remain in the masonary when the bolt and banners are removed.

Properly hung your vinyl banner or color banner will supply you with long life and added business. Just be sure to hang it tightly without lots of ridges and puckers for a nice professional look.

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